The Show
Cooking for Kids was the brain child of host Mike Russo, who has a background in food and a passion for charitable work. Mike, who is a firm believer in the power of food to bring people together to have fun, thought that it would be a great way to raise money for charity. As he put it: “I love to cook, entertain, give workshops, radio & TV…why not combine them all and bring people together to have fun…all for charity”. Mike has a particular soft spot for children, which is why the show is focused on children’s charities.

The Look and Feel of the Show
Cooking for Kids is a roadshow that travels to various locations to raise money for charity. It is like an "over the top" food channel program, all professionally produced by Media One Communications and with a set designed for a cooking show consisting of cabinetry, appliances and a backdrop, etc. Mike, who is the show’s host, will work with various local chefs, celebrities and entertainers and put together a show that is high-energy, fun, informative and just plain great entertainment.

Costs and Raising Funds for the Charity
The costs of the production are covered through sponsorships. The production costs can vary based on the needs of the charity and the venue. For example, the production company can do as little as handle the sound, lighting and camera work necessary for the event or produce finished products that can be used as promotional pieces for radio and/or television.

Money for the charity is raised through sponsorships and ticket sales to the event

How Does a Children's Charity Schedule a Show?
While there are limited opportunities to schedule a show, a charity can apply through the web site or by contacting Media One Communications.


Cooking For Kids
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