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Kids Corner… Fun Foods Fast!

Recipes from the “Take our Children to Work Day"-
“Eating Healthy Now and in the Future” at the NYS Capital

Fun Desserts in a Flash

Fruit Salad Boats:

1 seedless water melon
1 cantaloupe melon
1 Honeydew Mellon
Mixed Grapes
Mixed Berries (optional)

Find the flat spot on each melon (where it sat on the ground when it grew). When you lay the melons on this spot they it will have less of a tendency of rolling. If necessary, make this flat surface even smoother by cutting a sliver off of them (be careful not to cut too deep because the melon will leak later if you cut through the rind, into the “meat”). Make the other halves stable but cutting another sliver off of the other side of the melons, directly across from the original “flat spot”. Cut the melons in half lengthwise, so each half will lie on the flat spot you created, with the open side facing straight up.

Scoop the seed/pulp sections out of the middle of the melons with seeds. Take a knife and slice into the “meat” of each melon, going all the way down to the rind but not into it. Slit the meat the same way again about 1” parallel to the last slit, until you have sliced “stripes” in the meat all the way across the melons. Turn the melons the other way and slice them the same way but from the other direction, across the first slits, forming a 1 inch “checkerboard” appearance. Take a stiff edged large spoon and scoop out the chucks, using the spoon to “cut” the chunks out in 1 inch thick chunks (remove layers of melon 1 inch deep at a time).

Mix the melon chunks, grapes and berries in a large pot, pan or bowl, and add it back into the melon halves to serve. For an extra decorative touch, try cutting designs into the upper edge of the melon while it is empty, on the edge that you cut when you split it. If you want to make a “fruit basket”, instead of cutting the melon in half, cut out 2 pieces from the top, leaving a “handle” in the middle.


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