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Fun Desserts in a Flash

Balsamic & Brown Sugar Reduction Apples:

Core and slice a Granny Smith or similar apple into ¼ inch slices (don’t peel).

In a sauté pan add:
1 cup of balsamic vinegar
4 heaping tbsps of brown sugar
½ stick of butter
1/2 cup of water

Heat on med-high heat while stirring the ingredients. When ingredients begin to boil, add the apple slices (only a single layer)…make sure to spoon the sauce over the apples. Flip the apples over once and remove them when a fork pulls out easily. Continue to simmer the sauce until the water burns off and it thickens.

You can serve the apples alone by fanning a couple of slices on a dessert dish, top with some sauce and whip cream. Dust with cinnamon You can also serve them over some vanilla ice cream, yogurt or gelato, top with the reduction sauce and dust with some cinnamon You can also serve them like you do a strawberry shortcake by substituting the strawberries with the apples and serving over shortbread and topped with whip cream An easy and flavorful twist is to top slices of store bought Pound Cake with the apples and sauce…you can add a shot of whip cream or vanilla ice cream, yogurt or gelato.


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